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Privacy Policy

I try to collect as little information about you as possible when you visit this site. No cookies are set when you visit this site. No third parties, except for the service provider, Dreamhost, can view your activity. I have done my best to remove all outbound affiliate links, and I don't embed third-party content.

Three days of standard Apache httpd access logs are retained, which contain:

  • IP addresses of visitors to the site
  • The time of day that that each IP address accessed the site
  • The URLs accessed by each IP address within the site
  • The user-agent string provided by each IP address on each access

Log creation and retention is managed by Dreamhost, not by me. I believe that they make an effort to delete this data after three days. I may use this information for anonymous analytic purposes such as determining the number of visits to specific pages.

This site is hosted by Dreamhost in the United States. They may additionally process your data. Please view the Dreamhost privacy policy for more information.