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Descriptions are difficult; they never mean the same thing to everyone, and they decay over time. Better to leave it to our actions and words to speak for us.

That being said, I will attempt to mention a few things. I've built software for some companies that you've heard of and some that you haven't. I'm a product of Baltimore, Maryland, but after an unreasonable amount of world travel, I settled in Japan in 2019. Lately, I've been helping run Nerd Nite Tokyo; let me know if you'd like to speak.

This is unabashedly a personal site and contains whatever I'm interested in and feel is worth writing about. Within software I am interested in security, trust, privacy, and socially responsible engineering.

Fair warning, though: many years ago, I was a dual major in history and computer science, focused on the history of science, with a minor in political science focused on international relations thrown in for good measure, the leader of the university Linux users' group, and the last member of the university anime club. I once spent a summer traversing Europe to see concerts, mostly 1980s British musicians. "Whatever I'm interested in" can cover quite a lot.

You can follow me with:

You can contact me by email:

I also have accounts on Facebook, news.yc, and Twitter, which I actively avoid using. They are linked here solely to confirm that they belong to me.

If you think my site is ugly, I agree. I'm willing to accept CSS submissions. No JavaScript, no external resources, no image files, no custom fonts, no assumptions that won't hold true on Linux, on a mobile device, etc.

Finally, since there's no better place to link to it from -- many years ago, I owned a Rainbow 24 sailboat, which I bought for a dollar and restored. I've left the very old project page up, as it was in 2011.